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Zagreb, Croatia
+385 91 5000 502,
+385 91 7824 493
  • Design

    Driven by perfection. But spiced up for your pleasure!

  • Philosophy

    Simplicity in communication. We know how to put your idea into reality.

  • Functionality

    Function follows form. Value of user experience is priceless.

Who we are?

Creative people. Work addicted. Forward thinking.

Our Experience is a freelance based project started in 2007 by individuals who appreciate the ultimate challenge of making the best visual approach to a living creature's eye (yes, even some animals stared at our work for hours in amazement)!

Our Philosophy

As the foundation, we've set many goals, but each one of them leads to the ultimate one - "Never compromise with standards. Break them and set a new benchmark!"

Our Team

These are the chosen ones.

  • Karlo Kos
  • Marin Pavlović
  • Karlo Kos

    Karlo Kos

    The Planner - photographer, web developer and designer, systems and hardware specialist.

    Even before he learned to write a decent essay, he learned how to use Commodore 64 and Amiga 500+. He lost his first copy of Corel 4 somewhere and feels bad about it, hence nearly ten years in professional web and graphics development. Instead of a pack of cigarettes he caries a pack of screwdrivers and can go from zero to fully functional in 46.5 seconds (fault tolerance depends on liquid intake). As a person he\'s down to earth, fun and easy-going when among friends, but when work knocks on the door, he will beat the living pixel out of every project and shape it up into perfection.

  • Marin Pavlović

    Marin Pavlović

    The Artist - digital painter, graphics, web and corporate ID designer.

    Usually you can catch him in a dark corner trying to draw this and that with a tablet pen, but you won\'t have the guts to mention it to him since he's an artist who knows no boundaries. Photoshop has been his main application for years. People see him as an inspiration-driven brute with a sharp sense of humor, but in essence he\'s just on his ultimate quest to bring jaw-dropping goodies into the comfort of your eyes. Give him an Adobe application and a mouse and he'll rock your world.

Services we offer

These are the tasks at whitch we excel.

We offer a complete service when it comes to creating and promoting a new visual identity, or making your emotions run wild. We're highly experienced in designing the ultimate package for you. Our clients were thrilled with the solutions we've accomplished for them. Whether it just a basic banner, or a complete marketing solution consisting of promo materials, brochures, catalogs and complex website solutions, our quality is always top notch. We also offer services of on-demand photography in all categories that our clients may require. All photos are processed for the best possible print and web quality and we make sure they stand out in the crowd!
Graphics design
Web design and development
Corporate Identity solutions
Photo editing
Vector art
Digital Matte Painting
HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 integration

We're proud to work with

These are some of our clients who used our services.